10 HR Trends You’ll See in 2016

The rise of technology and social media have completely redefined the role of Human Resources around the world.

To understand what the future holds for HR professionals around the world, at the Global HR Summit, we spent the last month talking with over 60 international HR experts, discussing their ideas and predictions for the year ahead.

The conclusion- 2016 is going to be one of the most complex years in the global HR world.

Maud Durand, Strategic EMEA Sourcer, Facebook

Data-driven recruiting will definitely be a trend that will gain more traction in 2016. Access to data is getting easier and cheaper with new technology and professional network platforms. Talent acquisition leaders can arm themselves with data and become very strategic in their decisions. For instance, build talent pools using data helps recruiters enhanced their understanding of the market and be more efficient.

Jonathan Kohn, HR VP Qatar & MENA Russia Caspian HR Operations, Qatar Shell

Maybe not glamorous but there is still lots of value to be gained by getting the basics right starting with selecting quality team leaders and equipping them to engage and get the most out of the teams they lead. The other trend will be the increasing use of big data analytics to help guide where leaders and HR intervene and focus their attention.

Barbara Wright-Avlitis, Managing Partner, the Wright Work Place

The things companies will continue to work on in 2016 will be: Engagement, keeping employees engaged and performing, Leadership learning and leadership development, Simplification of HR processes, Enhanced performance management, creating a change-ready organization, creating a corporate image and the recruitment process.

Simon Watt, Former Head of International Organizational Development, Mattel

It’s going to be all about engaging all staff in the business strategy.  Part of the challenge here is encouraging people to take a risk and try something new.  The big enabler is creating the leadership environment that fosters the right behaviors.”

Fran Newman, Leadership Development Director, Unilever

I think the trend companies should focus on is employee well being – helping their people to thrive and perform sustainably in a VUCA world.  I believe this is critical to driving performance, engagement and retention.

Annemie Ress, Former Global HR Director, eBay and Skype

Most organisations with the ability to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment are struggling because they don’t empower people or tap into their full potential. While success in the 20th century was driven by process, structure and encouraging people to function more like machines, success in the future requires us to make more of the human side of business. Humans have evolved to deal with uncertainty through collaboration, cooperation and using conflict in a constructive manner. Businesses need to encourage their people to develop mindsets geared towards connection, conversation and experimentation. Curiosity is crucial: we need to continually question whether we are doing things simply because that’s how they’ve always been done and seek new perspectives to identify potentially better solutions. While different departments and reporting lines provide clarity of role and accountability, they also create artificial barriers that block progress. Organising people into silos of similar skills and functions reinforces the patterns required to solve simple and even complex problems, but discourages them from working with other departments or people outside of the business. It does nothing to encourage the kind of conversations required to solve the major problems we face today. Businesses also need to redefine how they view fear and failure. Most of us allow fear to control of our lives. The key to eliminating it is to take back that control and look behind the self-imposed curtains our fears create.

Georg Schlotter, HR Manager Operations & Transformation, BP Lubricants Europe & Africa

Mobile Recruiting – you will use your mobile to apply for jobs. So you need to make your job board mobile and store your CV store centrally to enable one-click applications.

Johannes Sundlo, HR Controller, Spotify

The biggest HR Trend 2016 will be predictive data analysis. We’ve talked about big data for some time and now it’s time to start to act on that data and put it to use.

Dennis Kight, Business and Technical Leadership Partner, IBM Middle East and Africa

HR Analytics.  Harvesting the vast amounts of data at our fingertips and utilizing this data as the basis for making strategic HR decisions will become much more prevalent in 2017 and beyond.  The challenge for HR will be to obtain the skills required to effectively work in a more data driven environment.

Rob Veersma, Global Director Training & Development, Gazprom International

I think there are and will be three trends in 2016, HR & people analytics (people data), Leadership development acceleration and HR performance improvement.

Sari EK-PETROFF, HR Director Finland & NOBA Talent and People Development Lead, Sanofi

If I think 2016 – I would say “complex organisations”, meaning working in a matrix, in virtual team, being able to self-manage, leading virtual teams and all that complexity that it brings. How can we become better in understanding the new ways of working with the “old kind of organizations” and old ways of managing/leading people?”